Top 20 Games Similar to Battlefield 1

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Battlefield games

Top 20 Games Similar to Battlefield 1

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Battlefield games like game

Postby Kagajora В» 29.01.2019


If you like first-person shooters, with the ability to control combat vehicles tanks, airplanes, helicopters, boats , then you are lucky enough to have found this remarkable selection of games like Battlefield for Android and iOS:. How many players, so many opinions. The familiar confrontation between terrorists and special forces in this game will be especially exciting because almost everything depends on the choice of the side.

A huge range of weapons and equipment will allow you to choose your own tactics of game and combat and turn into a real killing machine. A distinctive feature is a convenient and intuitive interface and control system. A developed combat system allows you to use different tactics more effectively. A high-quality optimization allows access to the game for almost any device.

A large selection of game modes will not let you get tired of the monotony: an arms race, flag capture, a sniper duel and much more await you in the game. Combined with a huge selection of maps this makes the game infinitely interesting. Develop and pump your character. Gather the best team and stand at the top of the ranking.

League of War: Mercenaries is a unique military strategy with three-dimensional graphics, which can bring you closer to fighting on the battlefield. During the gameplay, you need to sign military treaties and lead huge armies of mercenary soldiers in battles. During the game, you can dive into the exciting world of League of War: Mercenaries, where there is a high level of combat dynamics.

You can also build your own military headquarters, and conduct battles with other players in various locations located on a detailed map. Each player can try to pass different trials and join the battle with other mercenaries in order to show himself as a great warrior and get unique war trophies. In League of War: Mercenaries , developers have created a unique mode of construction and combat battles, which can be felt in 3D graphics.

In the military headquarters, you can create and improve the most diverse military equipment: helicopters, tanks, infantry and much more. In addition to high-quality graphics, the game has the ease of management and is loaded absolutely free. One of the best games on mobile devices, which is a kind of sniper simulator with elements of a shooter, in which you have to perform a variety of tasks, as well as fight with other players in the PvP format.

The developers made an excellent graphic design, added good animation, cool special effects, decent sound. In fact, the game Sniper Strike is a sniper shooter, in which the main focus is on exciting missions and dynamic battles with other players. In each mission, there is some specific task or several tasks that need to be completed in a certain time.

In this case, the less time you spend on the task, the more bonuses you can get. Successful passage guarantees a cash reward and a variety of bonuses. As in other similar games, the fundamental aspects are money and energy.

The first can be earned in missions, and then spent on pumping existing weapons or buying new equipment, new snipers or machine guns. The second is necessary for access to missions. As mentioned above, the game has a PvP mode of battles in which you can do some shooting with other players. In this mode, both awards are more impressive, and more interest. In this mode, you can team up with friends and complete various tasks with them. Choose your weapon and fight!

In this new application, unique characteristics of the battle are used. You will be surprised by the quality of graphics, intuitive control of the character, variations of movement and locations that brought mobile shooters to a new level. Swim underwater, hide in the shelter, throw grenades.

There are strict rules — one shot and the enemy eliminated. You have the right to manage your arsenal, manually adjust the target and angle of the shot. Remember that there is no auto-sight in the game — you have to do everything yourself. Improve yourself in an online world that is constantly changing.

Battles take place at real locations and localities, but fictional areas are included. Adjust your unique character under your skills and choose cool weapons from the arsenal. The weather conditions will interfere, which are in the application as real — wind, rain, fog. You can play both on the smartphone and on the tablet. Pocket Troops is a hurricane action for smartphones and tablets, which is made like a third-person shooter.

In the Pocket Troops app, you can unite irresistible fighters and create a team of volunteers who have battle skills and be able to handle any type of weapon. To create your team, you need to choose fighters from 6 classes.

Each fighter will have individual characteristics, his own unique abilities, and his own temper. However, together it will be an invincible and unstoppable team, defeating any enemies. In the strategic game Pocket Troop, you will enjoy as many as 12 missions.

You will fight with your team against insidious enemies. Opponents will be led by Dr. Evil himself. Your enemies are also strong enough, so train your fighters well. For training, you will have equipped gyms and various simulators. By the way, your heroes will never die, because in the Pocket Troops application there is a hospital where all the fighters quickly improve their health. So if you prefer interesting and exciting strategies, download the game Pocket Troops!

This time you are offered to plunge into the insane atmosphere of a cruel confrontation between notorious thugs and hundreds of enemies. The game is a virtual shooting gallery with a first-person view, but with the ability to switch the camera to a third-person view.

In this game, you have to manage five heroes at once. In the process, you will switch between them whenever possible and necessary. If you like such games, then be sure to download Hero Hunters.

In this gaming application, you will fight against various troops, using various obstacles and barriers as assistants. At your disposal, there are five characters. Each character belongs to his own particular class. Each class has its own characteristics, pros and cons. Be sure to consider this when passing levels. The team of the player includes heroes, each of which performs his own specific role. In addition to their unique weapons, each hero in the team also has superpowers, thanks to which you can even get out of a hopeless situation.

However, there is still a need to learn to understand where it is necessary to use the ability, and where it is better not to use it. Winning at the level is rewarded with coins. In the future, for these coins, you can buy any improvements for current equipment, as well as new equipment. Bullet Force is a multiplayer game for Android in the genre of the first-person shooter with a dynamic storyline.

The game has an online battle mode in which up to 20 players can fight. The Bullet Force player has access to a huge number of various weapons, camouflage, and equipment that make the game more diverse and interesting. Show your shooting accuracy and become a leader.

In this exciting game, you can challenge players from all over the world. Enemy Strike 2 is a shooter with very high-quality graphics. For mobile phones, there is really good detail of objects and locations in general. But this is not the main thing, because there is quite an interesting and complex gameplay. This project is divided into many combat missions.

Honestly, to finish all the tasks is impossible, because they are simply endless. Here you need to open different locations. You will also need to upgrade your weapon. There are 30 types of weapons and its modifications. In addition, this game has as many as 5 modes with different gameplay.

But in general, the task of the levels is the same. You will need to stand against alien invaders. It is worth noting that in this project you can not move.

The whole game takes place in one location, what simplifies it. And the lack of need to move greatly simplifies the game. But there are a lot of enemies, and they must be destroyed. To do this, you have different types of weapons and a few buttons for the game.

All buttons are located in the lower left corner. The enemies themselves will change positions, giving the opportunity to kill them. This game differs from the many shooters that can be found on mobile phones. And the main difference is in very advanced graphics. Kill Shot Bravo is a mobile action game that will be just as good as the top shooters for personal computers. You will have the opportunity to play different game modes and pass a large number of different missions.

By the way, there are a lot of missions, so you have to play for a long time.

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Re: battlefield games like game

Postby Kigataur В» 29.01.2019

Train your hero, develop skills, pump, choose tactics, fight battldfield or join a network battle with your squad against the opposing team. Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2. We have also some games like Overwatchin case you want to see.

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Re: battlefield games like game

Postby Makree В» 29.01.2019

Fight in history's most epic battles with the best ranked war games on Steam! If you want a game that goes to the extreme continue reading realistic bullet physics, Sniper Elite 4 is your game. You might be

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Re: battlefield games like game

Postby Tura В» 29.01.2019

Verdun Verdun gameplay If you are a WW1 historian, you will genuinely enjoy this game. Look no futher, here are 11 of them! Gmes the occupation forces and take back France; storm the beaches, clear the trenches and liberate towns as battle through the countryside of Normandy.

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Re: battlefield games like game

Postby Zolorr В» 29.01.2019

Daily Players: 24, In single-player, you get three AI teammates to commands around, but the real fun of this game comes with co-op. Daily Players: lije, Warface The best part?

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Re: battlefield games like game

Postby JoJoshura В» 29.01.2019

Terrorists play defence, counter-terrorists must infiltrate their territory and take all enemies out. Pulang Insanity. Nintendo ES.

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Re: battlefield games like game

Postby Dizil В» 29.01.2019

Daily Players: 25, Because it could be games the last day on earth, be very careful with dead game it moves very fast and can easily eat battlefield. Dead by Daylight. In likw cases, at the levels, you will like provided with the main weapon sniper rifle, but you can easily change it to any weapon convenient for you.

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