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Buy a game returned without

Postby Tasho В» 22.03.2019


Son bought me game for my BDay and because it turned out to be more of an arcade game than the RPG as it appeared to be, I cannot play it because physical disabilities. We tried to return the game within 24 hours of purchase with receipt and was told that they would give me trade in value.

What was the point of getting the receipt or calling it a "return"? I could trade it in without a receipt and even months later. There were some ps4 exclusives I was interested in mainly KH collection that I own digital copies of. I'd been using my roommates ps4 but broke down and got my own. I borrowed one of his controllers for about a week. Unfortunately, it's gonna take like a week to get here.

Figured "what the hell" and stopped by Gamestop to pick one up to hold me over. Do people actually pay those prices? That is insanely overpriced!!! I asked to look at it before my purchase and they outright refused to take it out of their ghetto ass zip bag to check it out. Rattles like crazy, vibration doesn't work, analog sticks are both screwed to hell looks like an animal chewed on them.

No wonder you guys are going out of business. Hell if exclusives didn't exist, I don't know who in their right mind would ever deal with a console in the first place but Gamestop is a total rip off. I bought a used glacier white ps4 on November 22nd last night January 29th my unit will not power on. After some investigation I found that I need to replace the power supply. I am 49 years of age I say all of this to that I've only just started playing this thing and the power supply goes!

I understand that it's used but 30 days? I guess if I played it more it would have failed within that time frame. We have the original receipt. Son was not interested. It was obviously purchased before then. They claimed there system would not let them put it through.

GameStop You are trash. Any and all business with you is over. I can honestly say that GameStop took care of me despite some of the negative feedback here. I ordered a PSVR online and it never arrived but the carrier reported it delivered. Initially, GameStop advised me to take it up with the shipper and the shipper advised I take it up with GameStop with left me in stuck between a turd and a hard place. After contacting GS again with this matter, they had the shipper conduct an investigation and my money was refunded not long later.

I appreciate GS and their customer service I'm satisfied and I'll definitely be order from them again. As I read thru these comments I'm like yup, they've done that to me. That too. Holy crap, that too. I'm sitting here going wow they've beat me over the head for thousands of dollars and I just took it; let their arrogant associates buttram me right to the bank. No more. Even that isn't very satisfying. Worst part is, I read approximately 75 comments.

Found one that slightly defends policy. The others clearly show that GS doesn't care about it's consumer. Not one bit. Always have trouble with theses money hungry kunckleheads. Bad return policies. A 25 dollar charge kit for Xbox had to return twice well first time they exchange for a new one couple months later the new charge kit the battery won't charge.

They won't exchange for new one. I will never shop there again. Amazon is cheaper and better product. GameStop would not take an Xbox one x within 10 days of purchase for a full refund but offered a trade in at less than half price because the box was opened. The trade in would be store credit not money. Bought a preowned sunburst special edition ps4 controller and got the warranty on it. Speaker sounds awful and I have to press buttons more than once most of the time.

I brought it back to Gamestop but they said the only thing they could do was exchange it for a normal controller; I was very disappointed as I bought this controller because it is rare. I paid for warranty for no reason,and will have to pay to repair the controller just because of Gamestop. I bought a new PlayStation 4 bundle online and received a used one. So I go to the local GameStop to be told they can't give me what I ordered.

I had an email confirmation of my order. The cashier said he couldn't do anything but give me a refund. Since I used a debit card they had to put it back on the card.

He said it would go straight back on my card. Well it didn't. And it's a week before Christmas. I can't give my kid what she wanted. All because GameStop refused to send me what I ordered. Then lied about the money would be back on it before I left the store. I will never ever by anything from this place. I will tell everyone how screwed up the whole experience with buying new PS4. Nothing beats having the employee tell you. That your better off coming in to a local GameStop.

I'm furious and literally in tears. It took forever to save up the money. And now I can't get PS4 in-store till my refund is back on my card. It's hard being A single parent as it is.

This store obviously don't care about any of their customers. Bought a psvr and wanted to return, unfortunately the box was opened and gamestop refused refunds. Unfortunate policy, I remember why I stopped buying from this chain of stores. I just tried to returning a undamaged xbox elite 2 controller and they said they cant do anything about it! Explain gamestop! Just tried returning a pair of Kontrol freaks.

It's been a week and a half and receipt says on the back and I quote " New opened accessories can be returned or exchanged with original receipt within 30 days and yet the cashier guy said he couldn't accept a return or exchange it for me because they just..

Can anyone explain this? Hello I just tried to return a ps4 in working sellable condition with all the packaging and Gabriel in Mt. He also said he acted on the behalf of his store leader. And said I was "shady". I have 2 controllers one I just bought and when I play games my character starts looking up and another one where I can spin the right joystick I was wondering if I could trade these in for new controllers. When a person buys a game console, gets it home, and it stops working after a few days they should give full refund with receipt if a customer wants a refund, like any other reputable business, within 30 days Amazon, Walmart, best buy that is the industry standard I love gamestops used game policy.

Buy a single player game, play it and beat it in a week. Take it back and get a second game for free Oh and people you sound stupid complaining about gamestop not taking new games and stuff back after you open it. Best buy, target, walmart, amazon, etc They will replace it but refund. Bought a used psvr headset to use with steam on my PC. They had to special order it from a different store and had it 2 day shipping straight to me.

Day 5 I finally received it. Day 6 I spend 2 hours trying to set it up but apparently 2 monitors plus vr equals errors. Plus I didn't like the way it feels.

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Re: buy a game returned without

Postby Kigaktilar В» 22.03.2019

Well, he had a real hard time playing it so we brought it back within days of purchase. Com When I opened it, the vertical stand and the gears of war 4 ultimate edition game code, and just click for source one s instructions were all missing. The others clearly show that GS doesn't care about it's consumer. Your notion that someone should have called you before purchasing the system from your son is embarrassingly naive, however. When I got home I noticed there were scratches on the disk.

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Re: buy a game returned without

Postby Mobar В» 22.03.2019

On returning the items to the store, your buyy is processed immediately. See detailed GameStop customer service rankings, employee comments and much more from our sister site. Now I had to file a claim with my bank to get the money refunded. I returned the game and went home to try to get a replacement.

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Re: buy a game returned without

Postby Goltilkis В» 22.03.2019

I shouldn't have to travel to different stores to get an exchange on a defective product. What is wrong with parents nowadays, does no one teach responsibility anymore? Gamestop rep told me they never give out cards with codes on it lmao okay and they come pre installed. You cannot return uby for a refund. I received shipping information and everything.

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Re: buy a game returned without

Postby Kazilabar В» 22.03.2019

You never bothered to look anything up!! Opry Mills Mall Nashville Tennessee purchased game PX4 when I opened it inside a old game Xbox tried to return it they would not give me my money back. You could just as easily ask for them to test the system before purchasing.

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Re: buy a game returned without

Postby Kagahn В» 22.03.2019

The majority of people on here are griping about policies clearly stated on their receipts, all because just click for source expect special treatment. I am still on the phone trying to understand the Hindu Language and get a refund. In the event a return is attempted without a receipt, Meijer will try to look up your original purchase receipt.

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Re: buy a game returned without

Postby Kijin В» 22.03.2019

Click here am 49 years of age I want to know if I can return it for another game. I returned to Cranbrook British Columbia Canada to find that my son had already purchased the game while in Kelowna BC and opened and played it. It says Gamr cant return any open products? I'm pissed.

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Re: buy a game returned without

Postby Dojin В» 22.03.2019

We address every issue with our Limited-Edition items personally. It will be in their system. Hi colleagues, its impressive article concerning teaching and completely defined, keep it up all the time.

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