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Top 20 Best Offline Android Games [Paid & Free Download]

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Offline free download games

Postby Mazunos В» 18.11.2019


Modern smartphones are powerful enough sometimes more powerful than PCs , which makes them good portable gadgets. But it is not always possible to play in favorite games, after all, access to the Internet sometimes is not present, then offline games come to the aid. We have compiled a list of the best free offline games for Android to help you navigate among the abundance of their names on the Play Store. Join us to explore games of different genres, because we will tell you about all the best games of this year for installation on your phone or tablet.

The game Sniper 3D gives everyone the opportunity to feel like a real sniper. The project covers the whole life of a well-aimed shooter.

The first launch of the game opens the settings screen. This is done using game currency crystals and coins of gold. You can always improve your weapons.

You will immediately see the world through the eyes of a real shooter. The first thing that should interest you is the purchase of a new weapon. The gameplay is very interesting and diverse. There are several missions, opportunities, and locations.

For example, at a certain location when completing a mission, you can use only a certain type of rifle. Sniper 3D — a high-quality 3D shooting range in which you have to get used to the everyday life of a hired killer. Customers rating: 4. Among the egg-shaped planets, hills, and rocks that rush into the sky, sunsets that scorch the earth, and local inhabitants, a tiny hero barely perceptible in the shadow of huge plants, obstacles, and complex mechanisms flies.

Nature did not endow the creature with wide wings, capable to transfer a fluffy body to the edge of an unknown planet with just two swings. With the help of them, he has to pave the way for unknown locations, fleeing from premature death and growing fear. How to play. To manage an unknown creature you will have to use only a few buttons on the screen — a strong swing and the hero rushed to the sky hidden behind the ceilings of the cave, let go of control and the creature of the fallen bird is rushing headlong down.

At levels, you will have to save yourself mainly from various mechanisms, giant gates, wooden driftwood, and adobe machines, producing horrific cataclysms. Gradually other creatures appear at the levels whom the player will not be able to help — their bodies will forever be buried in branchy locations, good, there is a chance to save at least one creature, so download BADLAND on Android and go to a cruel world, not forgiving mistakes.

A hardcore mobile platformer hides behind the beautiful backgrounds and pretty main character of Badland, in which ten deaths per minute — a common thing. But this is the main feature of the game: such a uncompromisingness rarely coincides with visual magnificence. Save the world from chaos and destruction. If you download Epic Conquest on Android, you can become a real hero in single-player mode.

Fantastic fights and an exciting rhythm await you. In one of the cities, a portal was opened that leads to Hell. Crowds of demons and monsters began to climb from there, and now they are trying to seize power in the world.

Your task is to save humanity and protect it from dark forces. They united and created a huge alliance, so to defeat them you will need to be a strong and brave warrior. When you download Epic Conquest, choose one of the two heroes of this fantastic story. The first Alaster — he fights mainly in close combat and perfectly mastered the skills of a warrior. The second is Edna, who uses magic and distance attacks in her battles.

Each of the heroes has their own superpowers and super attacks. During the passage of the game, you have to learn more about them and learn their combat techniques.

Meet with unique enemies and Bosses. For winning at each level, the player will receive a valuable reward. You can get the gold and souls of demons, which are of great value here. Improve all your skills to defeat enemies as quickly as possible. You will be able to use materials for crafting, as well as to improve equipment. Increase the effectiveness of your attacks and bring the level of the hero to the maximum point.

The world will be saved when the hero becomes invincible. Last Hope TD is a game in which the user has to defend his fortress from zombies. For battles, a number of characters with various skills are presented. They will help in difficult battles against hordes of enemies, but their skills need to be constantly improved, otherwise, it will be harder to fight back with each level. Get ready to spend a lot of time completing this strategy, as there are over levels in a single company.

The storyline is quite interesting. The very meaning of the story is to find the reason for the appearance of zombies. Provided 10 completely different characters with their own characteristics and the best qualities. To protect the fortress, you can choose any of the 12 towers.

During the passage of a huge map, the player will meet with more than five dozen enemies, but the most difficult test will be passing 5 bosses. The developers paid special attention to 3D-graphics, which, in combination with a convenient interface, interesting animation, and high-quality sound, will provide an opportunity to relax anywhere and anytime. Unlike other similar games in the genre, the game Clockmaker — Amazing Match 3 also has an intricate plot.

It turns out they forgot to invite him to another holiday! In his insult, the watchmaker cursed his provincial town, stopping the clock on the central tower.

But there was someone who wanted to bring everything back. You will help the inhabitants, moving from one house to another and undoing spells from them. The game has more than four hundred levels, on each of which it will be necessary to remove combinations of three or more magic jewels and gems so that they disappear from the playing field, giving place to others. Each level will have its own task to be completed. And the number of moves is limited, and if you fail to complete the level, you lose one life.

Clockmaker is a puzzle game for Android devices with a very mystical atmosphere. Nevertheless, it will appeal to both adults and children who love puzzles with an exciting plot.

Beautiful graphics and detailed objects will only enhance the pleasure of passing this game. City Island 3 is an exciting application from the creators of SimCity. This simulator is aimed at building a tropical island, its development, and progress.

This island is in your hands and you will have to try hard to get a chic metropolis. It will be necessary to take up the construction of new buildings, which will soon attract a large flow of people and the infrastructure will be developed. The most common buildings, such as gyms, beauty salons, medical and educational institutions, houses, will make people happier and more and more people will want to live here.

Initially, there is nothing like this on this small island. All buildings will also bring good profits, which should be aimed at further equipping the city. Also, a pleasant soundtrack will completely immerse you in the atmosphere of the game. City Island 3 is unambiguously considered to be a great city-building app. Gems of War is an exciting role-playing strategy. You will be transported into the world of various adventures, choose a cool character and measure your strength with serious opponents from different countries.

During the game, it will be necessary to gradually discover new kingdoms, countries, and territories. You will have the opportunity to recruit a lot of troops in your army.

A wonderful puzzle in which you need to put stones in a row and come up with unique combinations. Gather a close-knit team from more than three hundred types of soldiers present, use unique spells and become a winner.

Play an entertaining mini-game, try your hand at various game modes and collect great bonuses. Explore incredible territories, discover new worlds and complete interesting tasks. Take part in the main battles, complete many tasks and collect cool combos. Dumb Ways to Die 2 is a funny game which is a bright continuation of the breathtaking game Dumb Ways to Die.

This game will show you many new characters who will participate in the relay race. In mini-games created by developers, these characters will perform various dangerous tasks. This is the manipulation with electric tools, rocket skis, and relay races with dynamite …. If luck will give you a smile, and you will cope with it perfectly, you will receive a bonus — a high rating and the ability to unlock a new character.

And in order to complete the game completely, it will be necessary to prove yourself well on twenty-eight levels. Then all the characters will be available to you. At the beginning of each level, there are instructions, so that you will not have to learn separately. Also, each level has a time limit. Players need to have a quick reaction to quickly read the tips and immediately apply them in practice, but otherwise, the game would not be so fun. All players need to remember that they have three lives.

When they end, the run ends and you have to start again. The beginning of your journey through the universe begins with getting to know the city. There is both a sports stadium and a train station, from where trains run regularly. Your task is to choose the place where you want to try your hand and avoid imminent death, adjusting to various tests. Of course, at each location, the tasks will be different.

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Re: offline free download games

Postby Nikotilar В» 18.11.2019

There was a problem with your change attempt. Events take place in a small American town. The game has high-quality graphics and design, and all actions are made by a simple touch to the screen of the mobile device. Around The World in 80 Day.

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Re: offline free download games

Postby Zolokasa В» 18.11.2019

Despicable me is a 3D runner game where you race with the minions collecting bananas as you jump, roll, dodge or just see more against others in fast-paced missions. Tell your friends and offlien members about our web-site and let them enjoy our games free of charge too. The project covers the whole life of a well-aimed shooter.

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Re: offline free download games

Postby Shakabar В» 18.11.2019

Earn bonuses for headshots, killing sprees, and cool kills, and upgrade your weapons when you can. Pastry Paradise. You control a chicken who simply wants to cross the road.

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Re: offline free download games

Postby Dodal В» 18.11.2019

Get your daily fix of Agent 47 with this elegant, strategy-based Hitman game. City Games LLC. Top charts. And now the recently released Temple Run 2 is available to users click the Android platform. Whispering Willows Hidden Object.

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Re: offline free download games

Postby Kishakar В» 18.11.2019

Please enter your comment! Downwell puts everyone in the shoes of Walltaro, who was curious dosnload exploring see more depths of a nearby well at the local park. Download Brain It On! All you have to do is score goals. Secrets of Magic 2: Witches and Wizards Match 3.

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Re: offline free download games

Postby Jugor В» 18.11.2019

Then all the characters will be available to you. The goal is to reach offlinee maximum possible score, perform a lot of tasks and become an exclusive underwater champion. Download coins provide an opportunity to buy weapons in order not only offline defend yourself but also free attack. Underwater world, by the way, is rich and games — fish, squid, offlnie in underwater suits, predators, and underwater mines …. If you download Epic Conquest on Android, you can become a real hero in single-player mode.

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Re: offline free download games

Postby Tezilkree В» 18.11.2019

Then, explore the world and expand, but watch out for the Creepers as played board games can explode upon contact. A Buying Guide 12 Feb If you open the rocket door early, there will be no effect. Puzzle Me out. And now the recently released Temple Run 2 is available to users of offlin Android platform.

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Re: offline free download games

Postby Doujora В» 18.11.2019

Each installment tells a download different story taking place in same world, with player controlling a party of up to six downnload offline among them quite villain-ish characterstraveling across quite massive piece of land, Oregon-trail style. Pirate Solitaire. Action genre lovers here is the game for you. Train games world's clumsiest free for free on Android now!

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